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It's Te Aro Brewing Co!

*🚌NZ Brewery Tour™ Monthly Subscription
*🚌NZ Brewery Tour™ Monthly Subscription
*🚌NZ Brewery Tour™ Monthly Subscription
*🚌NZ Brewery Tour™ Monthly Subscription
*🚌NZ Brewery Tour™ Monthly Subscription
*🚌NZ Brewery Tour™ Monthly Subscription
*🚌NZ Brewery Tour™ Monthly Subscription
*🚌NZ Brewery Tour™ Monthly Subscription
*🚌NZ Brewery Tour™ Monthly Subscription

*🚌NZ Brewery Tour™ Monthly Subscription

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This month’s Brewery Tour™ stop at Te Aro Brewing Co. is a real celebration of NZ craft. Due to the small batch nature of Te Aro Brewing, this release has been 12 months in the planning. It’s fair to say a massive amount of blood, sweat and beers has gone into making this release possible!

Brewed exclusively for the Beer Hug Brewery Tour™, this release contains 12 different beers across the full brewing spectrum, including 3 brand new brews that you’ll be the first in NZ to experience in cans. We reckon this is probably the best tasting paddle experience in a box you’ll find in NZ right now. It’s got it all!  

“With a wide range of great tasting beers from American pale ales to stouts, Vienna lagers to fruit sours we make them, and we make them good.” Te Aro Brewing Co.

For craft lovers, you’ll know that right bang in the centre of the beer capital of NZ, there lies the Wellington suburb of Te Aro. 2014 saw a small collection of shiny metal things in a cluttered dark cramped room take shape and become Te Aro Brewing Co. In the following few years, they had outgrown their tiny room, so they upped sticks to the Upper Hutt where they are now proud residents of Brewtown.

The cool thing about Te Aro Brewing Co. is that they produce very small batches of beers for locals that are only available at their bar. Outside of their legendary Dragon APA, Aro Hazy, Weasel Juice WCIPA and Dubh Oatmeal Stout (all contained in this release), you’ll struggle to find these beers anywhere else in NZ!

If you love discovering new breweries and beers from the comfort of home, this is the box for you! In this super exclusive selection from Te Aro Brewing Co, you’ll get the following 12 different brews representing the full brewing spectrum.

10 x BIG SERVE 440ml;

  • ⚙️NEW Remutaka NZ IPA (5.7%): This is a new release beer that Beer Hug customers get to try in a can before everyone else. It has a similar malt base as Dragon. We then added 3 dependable, classic NZ hops in Nelson Sauvin, Moutere and Riwaka in the boil and dry hop, to showcase the unique aromas of flavours of our NZ hops.
  • ⚙️NEW Get Lucky Fruited Sour (4.8%): Not everyone likes hops and bitterness. We have usually got a fruited sour beer on hand to accommodate all tastes. This one has been infused with a tart Raspberry puree and a sweeter Mango puree. Pink in colour. Not overpoweringly sour and fruity; a good thirst quencher and palate cleanser.
  • ⚙️Dragon APA (5.7%): A stalwart of our range, this has a solid malt base of ale, toffee and a little crystal malt for the colour and a little background sweetness. Then it’s filled with Mosaic and Falconers Flight hops in the boil and dry hop stages, for a good but not excessive amount of APA aroma and flavour and a decent bitterness.
  • ⚙️Weasel Juice WCIPA (6.5%): Another stalwart of our range. A simple but solid base of Ale and Vienna malts, so we can add generous amounts of Mosaic and Simcoe hops in the boil and dry hop, which gives it a fruity and resinous flavour with a more solid bitterness.
  • ⚙️The Bird WCIPA (6.9%): A more recent addition to our range. We wanted to brew a West Coast IPA that was much more in the traditional style of old school WCIPAs. Dank, resinous and with a higher solid bitterness.
  • ⚙️Dubh X Oatmeal Stout (5.3%): Dark roasted and chocolate malts plus oats give it it’s colour and main flavours, a nice, easy-drinking stout. Sometimes you just want a nice simple dark beer to enjoy.

“Hazy, hoppy beers have grown and grown over the past few years and the style looks like it is here to stay. We have been adding to our range each year and have provided a selection of these to try. Hazy in appearance, lower in bitterness with a fruity and candy-like aroma and flavour. All of our hazy’s are brewed with the same yeast and Oats and Wheat. We use Ale and Pilsner malts in differing amounts to round them out” Te Aro Brewing Co.

  • ⚙️NEW Pacific Mist Hazy IPA (5.7%): The newest of our hazy range and as a Beer Hug customer you are the first to try in a can. Showcasing a newish NZ hop Superdelic and accompanied with Mosaic and Idaho 7 to give a tropical fruit punch.
  • ⚙️Aro Hazy IPA (5.5%): The oldest of our hazy range, light orange in colour from Ale, Pilsner, Oats and Wheat and hopped with Mosaic and Simcoe hops at the end of boil and Whirlpool. We also add the hops at 3 different times during the ferment for a fruity and tropical flavour.
  • ⚙️Kowhai Haze (6.0%): A lovely yellow haze, like the Kowhai flower was our inspiration. We have added liberal amounts of NZ hops Nelson Sauvin, Nectaron and Riwaka post boil and throughout the ferment, to give a classic NZ taste.
  • ⚙️Jet Stream Hazy IPA (6.5%): The biggest of our core range Hazy’s we used what some would call the holy trinity of US hops, Mosaic, Citra and Simcoe at multiple points post boil and dry hops, for a full-on fruit punch.

Plus 2 x 330ml RIPPERS;

  • ⚙️Endless Cloud Hazy (4.5%): We wanted to brew a hazy that people could get stuck into a few of. Yellow from the Pilsner, Oat and Wheat malts. We only add hops after the boil has finished to give it some light bitterness and a fruit and candy flavour. Dry hopped at varying times during ferment with El Dorado, Idaho 7 and a little Nectaron.
  • ⚙️Volks European Lager (4.5%): A nice easy drinking European-Style Lager. Using German Malt and Yeast and European Saaz hops. Light, clean, crisp, dry and refreshing.
Thanks for supporting local craft. We know you'll enjoy this wicked release!

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