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I always love trying new beers from breweries I haven't been able to get my hands on yet. Beer Hug is perfect for this.

Rick L. Beer Hugger since 2022

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Featured brewery of the month

It's Te Aro Brewing Co!

💥This month’s Brewery Tour™ stop at Te Aro Brewing Co. is a real celebration of NZ craft. Due to the small batch nature of Te Aro Brewing, this release has been 12 months in the planning. It’s fair to say a massive amount of blood, sweat and beers has gone into making this release possible!💥 

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Such a great service which gives me access to great kiwi breweries and their beers!

Nick C.

Super Fresh

Since subscribing to Beer Hugs I have always been very pleased with the super fresh beer that I have received.

Ken P


Loving the tour. A great mix of beers, from different breweries, some of which I will never have a chance to visit.

John S.