April 2024: It's Te Aro Brewing Co! 

This one-off exclusive release is a real celebration of NZ craft. Due to the small batch nature of Te Aro Brewing, this release has been 12 months in the planning. It’s fair to say a massive amount of blood, sweat and beers has gone into making this release possible!
Brewed exclusively for Beer Hug, this release contains 12 different beers across the full brewing spectrum, including 3 brand new brews that you’ll be the first in NZ to experience in cans. We reckon this is probably the best tasting paddle experience in a box you’ll find in NZ right now. It’s got it all!

March 2024: Capital City Cool Cats

For this special release we thought we’d do things a little differently and pull together a ‘Capital Cool Cats’ release, containing 3 different beers from 4 super-hot craft breweries from NZ’s craft epicentre, central Wellington. Cool huh?!!

February 2024: It's Laughing Bones!!

 At Beer Hug, we love breweries that are shaking things up. And that’s exactly what John Morawski and Petra Stark from Laughing Bones have been doing for the last 10+ years. With three brand new beers in this exclusive release, this is a super fresh, super generous and delicious box of bangers. Each beer has a unique twist that will keep you coming back for more!

January 2024: NZ's Newest Brewery - Pacific Coast!

With the new year upon us, we thought it would be super rad to share a box of beers from Pacific Coast, one of NZ’s newest and coolest craft breweries.

Adam Booth and the team at the Pacific Coast Brewery in Mangawhai (which is opening soon!) are giving you the opportunity to be amongst the first to get your lips on these much-anticipated new brews. Let's Hug! 

December 2023: Epic is BACK with a BANG!!!

There is no denying that Epic are the trailblazers of the NZ craft industry. To celebrate their return, we have partnered with them to bring you an exclusive Beer Hug release. If ever there was a box of beer that represented everything we love about NZ craft beer, this is it!

November 2023: Whoooaa it's Waitoa!

When it comes to craft breweries, there’s no denying that Waitoa are one of the hottest craft breweries in NZ right now. When it comes to craft beer, there’s no denying that the IPA reigns supreme. Acknowledging that Waitoa makes some of NZ’s best IPAs, it was a no brainer to get them to pull together an OUTRAGEOUS box of beers just for you! 

October 2023: Super Cool Canyon Brewing!

What better place to brew perfectly chilled craft beer than a place in New Zealand that’s synonymous with very cool – Queenstown. Cardona. The Valley even!

The guys at Canyon don’t do things by halves. Their handcrafted, micro-brewery beers live and breathe the essence of the southern spirit of discovery, creativity, and innovation.

When we briefed Canyon to come up with 12 different beers, representing the full brewing spectrum, make it generous, and fun we acknowledged it was a tough one. But not for Canyon, they nailed it. BOOM!

September 2023: Time to hit the Bach!

It’s that time of year when the days are starting to feel longer, we start thinking about the boat, dusting off the surfboard, buying some charcoal and getting ready to hit the bach....Bach Brewing!
 It’s been a while since our last visit to Bach Brewing, but it’s been intentional. Craig and the team have been brewing up heaps of sizzling BIG NEW BREWS just for YOU.
These guys are NZ Brewing Champions for a reason, their beers are always on point. Whether you are looking for a Juicy AF Hazy, Smashable Pilsner, BIG HOP HIT or something a little different (you simply must try Bach’s new No Schitt India Brown Ale…..) this brewery-in-a-box release has it all.

August 2023: Party on with Urbanaut!

This release was a smash hit with an exceptional range of beer styles…….including an Beer Hug exclusive First Ave Auckland Pale Ale, their latest West Coast IPA Challenge release, their NZIPA Challenge release, heaps of new IPAs, Hazies (their Peach Bellini Hazy is crazy good), an Espresso Scotch Ale, an off-the-scale new Cola Sour and heaps of favourites.
But wait, the legends at Urbanaut are also included some extra-special goodies for all you Beer Huggers; A rad Party Forever Tumbler (worth $12), some choice stickers for your beer fridge and a $10 off voucher for their on-line store. Let’s Hug!

July 2023: Top of the North!

If you’ve ever headed north of Auckland on a road trip, you’d know that it’s a craft lover's paradise with some of NZ's best craft breweries. From Matakana, to Waipu and on to Mangawhai this limited release represented the top of the Top of the North.
Including 3 beers from McLeod's (NZ’s champion medium brewery), Sawmill (NZ’s most sustainable brewery and a true craft icon), 8 WIRED (headed up by Søren Eriksen, one of the world’s best brewers) and Pacific Coast (NZ’s newest brewery….opening soon!) this release was something special.

June 2023: Legendary Lakeman!

At Beer Hug we love a party, particularly if there’s great beer flowing. When one of NZ’s hottest craft breweries approaches their 10th birthday, we thought it was the perfect opportunity to pop in and get the party started!

To celebrate our journey together, we’ve pulled together an exceptional selection of their newest, seasonal and multi-award-winning brews. If you love your hazies, you are going to double-love this box. It’s full of double hazies that are double delicious!  

May 2023: It's Mata Brewing!

For the first time ever on the Brewery Tour™ we headed to Whakatāne to showcase the original and legendary Mata Brewery! 
Since 2005, our good mates at Mata have been producing some of NZ’s most exciting new brews. Their brewing style is focused on experimenting with the special ingredients we have available to us here in NZ, new creations & seasonal releases. And this box is full of them!

April 2023: Nelson Special!

As a celebration of our famous hop growing region, we curated a limited ‘Top of the South’ Brewery Tour™ release showcasing four of the regions (and NZ’s) finest craft breweries; Eddyline, Hop Federation, Sprig + Fern Brewing Co. and Townshend Brewery! 

March: Boom it's Behemoth

This exclusive Brewery Tour™ release was stacked with NZ’s favourite craft beer, loads of exclusive, new, iconic beers and goodies. Nom Nom Nom!

February 2023: It's Duncan's

Loaded with Ice-cream Sours, limited release Hop Dip Hazies, some MASSIVE IPAs and heaps of legendary classics, this is one of our sweetest stops ever! Yuuuuuuum!

January 2023: Volstead Banger Box!

If you love your hops and want to take your appreciation to a whole new level, this box is for you. It contains 5 x single hop hazies (Strata, Azacca, Mosaic, Riwaka and Nelson Sauvin) so that you can discover the unique characteristics of each hop. Whether it’s tropical, passionfruit, pineapple, apricot, peach, grapefruit, or citrus notes you love in your beer, you’ll find them here. You’ll also get an IPA, Pale Ale, Milk Stout, Red Ale, US IPA, APA and a Pilsner……pretty sweet huh!

December 2022: The Best of the Brewery Tour

In 2022 we toured the length and breadth of this amazing country to visit over 80 award-winning craft breweries and experience over 400 different beers. This is the best of them! Boom! 

November 2022: Canyon Brewing

Containing 12 x BRAND NEW, EXCLUSIVE, SUPER FRESH, BIG SERVE 440ML BREWS, this box from Canyon Brewing was quite possible the coolest box of beers ever released in NZ!!!   

October 2022: 8 Wired Brewing

This month we headed north to pop in and gidday to Søren from the legendary 8 Wired Brewery in Matakana. Every single beer in this special box is an absolute banger. Full of Hazies, WCIPAs, IPAs, a delicious plum sour, lager, pilsner, stout and a European styled quatre saison, this is an incredible line-up.

September 2022: Double Vision Brewing

Our mates at Double Vision have been there for us since day one, backing us with our second ever stop on the NZ Brewery Tour™. To celebrate our journey together, our buddies have produced an exclusive Beer Hug brew just for us called Bear Hug. With 7 x 440ml and 13 brews these guys have certainly come to the party!  

August 2022: Urbanaut 

Wow this was an incredible stop, a brewery in a box experience, including 15 different beers, a 'Party Forever' beer glass and a $50 Brewery Tour voucher for 2. This month's stop was OUT OF THIS WORLD!!! Cheers Urbanaut, rock on!!!

 July 2022: Cassels Tribute Pack

As a tribute to Alasdair Cassels, founder of the legendary Cassels Brewing Company, we are honoured to present this special Cassels release....including the World’s Best Stout, the World’s Best APA, a Double Cream Milk Stout, their new Bock and 4 of their latest 440ml Artist Series releases.  

June 2022: Rhyme X Reason Party Box!

With 8 x 440ml and 4 x 330ml, this was a super fresh, super interesting, super fun box of beers that pushed our taste buds into new directions. A real party in a box! 

May 2022: Behemoth Golden Goodie Box! 

We simply can’t get enough of these guys. Why? because their beers are so BIG on flavour and BIG on fun. Including loads of exclusive (including the Dan & Adam Hop Buddies!), award-winners and goodies, this month's stop was BIG on flavour and BIG on fun (as promised)! 

April 2022: An Epic box of Epic beers from EPIC!   

With 9 new seasonal releases, this was our most epic box of beers from Epic yet. It went off as you'd expect. Massive thanks to Luke and the legends at Epic!

March 2022: Ultimate Eddyline!  

Our mate at Eddyline have a cult following for a good reason. Their beers are small-batched in Nelson to ensure they are always super fresh and super tasty. Full of new brews, award-winners and a $10 off discount voucher this months stop was another complete sell-out! 

February 2022: Baylands Hazy Bomb! 

Direct from Petone, our February stop on the NZ Brewery Tour was Baylands, who pulled together an incredible selection of hazies for all you hazy lovers out there....and a few other bangin' brews too. Cheers fullas! 

January 2022: Bringing the Bach to you! 

Our mates at Bach Brewing have been voted by Beer Huggers as one of our favourite breweries and that’s exactly why we have them as our first stop of 2022. If you are crazy for Hazy’s, IPAs, APAs and Pale Ales you are in luck as this box is full of them! 

December 2021: The 2021 Best of the Brewery Tour

In 2021 we toured the length and breadth of this amazing country to visit over 80 award-winning craft breweries and experience over 400 different beers. To celebrate this epic journey, we created a best of the best selection and every beer is a banger!!


Since first meeting these guys back in 2019 (when Dan and I went on our inaugural brewery tour) we’ve become bloody good mates. These guys give it a nudge at every opportunity, pushing traditional boundaries to create exciting beers that deliver a real party in your mouth. Another incredible box! 

October 2021: SUNSHINE

Inspired by Gisborne’s notoriously long summers and legendary surf breaks, this stop on the NZ Brewery Tour™ was one of our most awarded, most delicious and most generous boxes ever. It's fair to say it brightened a few peoples day, particularly those in lock-down!!!

September 2021: BEHEMOTH! 

Our mates at Behemoth are famous for making some of the biggest, hoppiest, tastiest, most awarded and loved craft beers in New Zealand. In true Behemoth style, this months selection is absolutely Behemoth.

August 2021: DEEP CREEK

New to Beer Hug, this was one of the most requested, crowd pleasing boxes of beers we’ve ever curated. This exclusive 10th Birthday Celebration selection was one party you didn't want to miss!


This incredible selection really does have it all......from big bold IIPA's to a brand new Hazy, two experimental lagers, a couple of refreshing Dirty Water seltzers and a whole lot of awesomeness in between! 

June 2021: It's Urbanaut! 

Packed full of legendary beers, a wide range of styles, award winners, heaps of Hazy’s, a NEW brew and some BIG BIG beers this box contains a beer for every occasion.

May 2021: Parrotdog

Full of GABS Top 100 brews, Hazy’s (including NZ’s best-selling Hazy….Birdseye), IPAs, 5x440mls and a Mystery New Brew......this box was a real crowd pleaser. Nice. 

April 2021: Discover Kererū

If ever there was a box of beers that was crafted for craft lovers, this is it. This month’s 14 x can Kererū selection really does have it all.....

March 2021: This is CR-HAZY!

14 x 440ml, including 10 Hazy's and the entirely new & experimental Unfiltered Series......exclusive to Beer Hug. Cheers Renaissance, you rock!!! 

February 2021: This is EPIC!

If you love BIG aromas, BIG hops and BIG taste, you'd love this selection from our mates at EPIC. One of our most awarded boxes ever! 

January 2021: Sawmill Brewing

An exceptional thirst-quenching selection from the legendary multi award-winning Sawmill Brewery.

December 2020: Best of the Best

A celebration of 12 months of the NZ Brewery Tour™. Simply the best of the best. Massive thanks to all our amazing brewing partners for making this happen! 

November 2020: Boneface

Matt and the team at Boneface pulled out all stops to create a MEGA box of 14 beers, full of pale ales, massive hops, 3 x 440ml cans including 2 new releases!


October 2020: Sprig & Fern

Our first South Island stop.....and it's a BIG one with 6.3L of beer included in 3 x 888ml bottles, 4 x 500mls and 5 x 330ml. A truly global craft beer experience! 

September 2020: Behemoth

For hop-lovers, this month's stop was Behemoth. With 3 brand new brews, NZ's best Hazy IPA and loads of fun goodies (including a shower beer with holder), this box broke all the records! 

August 2020: Lakeman

A legendary selection of award winners from the Lakeman himself. Including 5 x 440ml and 7 x 330ml beers including a couple of entirely new brews, this box was a clear crowd pleaser! 

July 2020: 8 Wired

Another MASSIVE box of beers from one of the world's Top 100 brewers Søren Eriksen, including our first collaboration Thank-you Brew!!! 

June 2020: Liberty

A HUGE box full of award-winners from NZ's Best Craft Brewery. Say no more! 

May 2020: Urbanaut

A super generous Apocalypse Box full of awesome beers, a discount voucher and some rad pink shades. Totally Rad! 

April 2020: Funk Estate

The Funky Fourteen box was a sellout - just in time for a bit of lock-down relief.

 March 2020: Parrotdog

12 of their very best. The only problem was knowing where to start!

February 2020: Hallertau

A super generous pack from the legends at Hallertau, including a pint glass, tasting paddle voucher and $200 golden ticket. Gold! 

January 2020: Double Vision Brewers Dozen

13 delicious beers from our great mates at Double Vision including a bonus Magic Bean Stout. 

December 2019: The Brave Pack

A mixed pack of awesomeness from Hasting' Brave Brewing Co, including 4 x 500mls and a pint glass.