Frequently Asked Questions

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No, definitely not!

You can opt in and opt out of deliveries whenever you want.

When you subscribe, you will be sent an email that asks you to create an account. With this account you can manage all your personal details including opting out of or back into our delivery service.

We make it super simple to make changes to your account. These changes might include change of delivery address, payment method or opting into and out of subscriptions.

To make changes to your account login here:

An email prompt asking you to create an account would have been sent when you signed up. If you haven't done that you can set up your account here:


You can do this one of two ways…

1) Pay Monthly

Our regular subscription is a monthly payment with the cut off on the 16th of the month. You can continue to pay for the subscription on a month to month basis yourself or you can transfer payment to the recipient whenever you like.

When you sign up, you will get an email that asks you to start an account. With this account you can manage all the subscription options including credit card details.

2) Prepaid Gift Subscriptions

If you would prefer to pre-pay for the gift, we have two, three and six month gift subscriptions available here:

When all the deliveries are completed the recipient can take over the original account you set up or start their own new one if they wish to continue as a Beer Hug Subscriber.

One of the great things about the Brewery Tour is the discovery of new styles and flavours.

Due to the monthly orders being quite large, it is just not feasible for our brewery partners to customise each box.

Jump onto your account here

If you’re being told you don’t have an account or are having trouble logging in, jump on this link here:


Just drop us an e-mail at

If you can take a photo and attach it to the e-mail that would be really helpful.

We will sort out getting you replacement beers from the brewery asap at no extra cost to you!


Brewery Tour Subscription

If you subscribe to the NZ Brewery Tour theres a few things you need to know.


When you first join up, we'll get the beer to you from our features brewery as soon as its ready. Depending on when you buy this could be straight away, or in a a couple of weeks. We'll make sure we make that clear on the product descriptions. 


After you get your first box you'll you fall in to our normal subscription cycle.
Subscription payments are processed on the 15th of the month with the beer shipped in the days following.


The Beer Hug Brewery Tour Subscription is all about getting a regular, super interesting box of beers that is fresher than you will find anywhere else!

One-offs boxes

Every week Beer Hug offers one-off boxes from an exciting brewery around Aotearoa.


We work super hard to introduce you to interesting new breweries and brews that will fill your fridge in between the Brewery Tour stops.

An e-mail will be sent most weeks and you type 'YES' in response to the email to get your beer.  Easy as that!

Your order will be processed within two days of you responding to the email. Payment goes through overnight and your order is sent to the brewery the following day (or as soon as we can) to be packed and shipped.

From the day the courier picks your order up deliveries typically take 2 or 3 days to arrive......unless you live in the sticks!

Depending on which island the brewery is located (eg: North or South Island) and where you live (eg: North or South Island) will depend how many days your order takes to get to you.

Rural deliveries can also take a little longer. If you are wondering where your beer is just drop us an e-mail at and we can chase that up for you.

You click on the green button labelled "Check Current Tracking Status" which is in the e-mail you will have received from Beer Hug when your beer ships.

You can e-mail both and at the same time and we will chase the order with Aramex for you.

Couriers are experiencing delays across their networks nationwide.

Please get in touch with us at for any specific queries.