*🚌NZ Brewery Tour™ Subscription Every 2nd Month
*🚌NZ Brewery Tour™ Subscription Every 2nd Month
*🚌NZ Brewery Tour™ Subscription Every 2nd Month
*🚌NZ Brewery Tour™ Subscription Every 2nd Month

*🚌NZ Brewery Tour™ Subscription Every 2nd Month

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🚌On this Brewery Tour™ subscription you'll receive a mixed box of beers from a differerent brewery Every Second Month. You'll receive your first box from Heyday then a box every second month!🚌

The best thing about being on the NZ Brewery Tour™ with us is the element of surprise, discovering new breweries and new favourite beers. At Beer Hug we also like to keep things fresh and mix it up which is exactly what we’ve done this month!

For the first time on the Brewery Tour™, we are stoked to announce that the July stop is Heyday Beer Co. who we reckon are the cool cats in one of the coolest craft beer precincts in the country (Cuba Street, Te Aro, Wellington).

Our mates at Heyday like to keep things fresh, colourful and seasonal, opting to flex their creativity with new beers regularly. Not only are their core range classics some of the best around, but their small batch seasonals are next level.

The super cool thing about this month’s release is the element of surprise. Not only will you get a super generous 12 x 440mls beers, containing 8 of their multi award-winning classics (worth $72 alone!), but also a brewer’s selection of 4 different seasonal brews. Due to the small batch nature of these seasonals, each box will have a different selection. Surprise!!!

Each box has been hand-picked and packed to optimise your journey of discovery. Trust us, this will be one of the best Brewery Tour™ experiences you’ve had to date! Contained in your Heyday Brewing Co. pack are the following 12x440ml;

8 x Legendary Big Serve 440ml Bangers (worth $72 alone!);

  • 😻2x Snow Leopard IPA (6.9%): A well-rounded blend of US and NZ hops, offering a harmonious blend of strong grapefruit and citrus flavours paired with subtle spice & pine notes. The brew is characterized by a crisp bitterness that complements the vibrant fruitiness, creating a refreshing and balanced taste experience.
  • 😻2x Jeremiah Imperial Pilsner (6.9%): A classic NZ-hopped imperial pilsner with an aromatic dry hop from heavyweights Riwaka & Motueka, and a touch of Nelson Sauvin, Jeremiah brings a refreshing balance of citrus lime & subtle passionfruit notes.
  • 😻2x Wulfenite APA (5.5%): Wulfenite showcases a wonderful hop trio that rests on an approachable malt base. Big notes of citrus & pine, alongside a nice bitterness, compliment the beautiful colour that is worthy of the rare gem's namesake!
  • 😻2x Soul Cat Hazy IPA (5.5%): A harmonious blend of hops infuses the soul of this hazy IPA with vibrant character. Revel in the juicy notes of dank pineapple and pine, along with a silky mouthfeel, enticing you to savour every sip of this captivating brew.

Plus 4 different complementary 440ml Brewer’s Seasonal Selections from the following;

  • 😻Vices & Vines Blood Orange Brut IPA (6.0%): An effervescent brew mirrors life's journey with a bone-dry finish. Navigate bold citrus & tropical notes, climbing the flavour vines only to descend into a champagne-like abyss.
  • 😻Fossil Fuel Double IPA (8.0%): Fossil Fuel features a dino-mite combination of Mosaic, Simcoe & Citra hops that bring big notes of tropical fruit, citrus and pine alongside a nice bitterness for one double IPA that surely won't go extinct!!
  • 😻Czech Pilsner (4.4%): The aroma invites with a delicate bouquet of floral hops. Upon the first sip, a clean, biscuity malt backbone unfolds seamlessly balanced by an assertive hop bitterness, leaving the palate with a satisfying and lingering dry finish.
  • 😻Spacepunk Barrel-Aged Baltic Porter (8.1%): A big-bodied and robust character, fuelled by a layered Weyermann malt base, propels you through rich dark chocolate depths. Aged in Southward's Maple Rye barrels, this lager unveils whisky oakiness on the nose and a symphony of maple sweetness as it opens up.
  • 😻Freedom of the Seas Pacific Pale Ale (4.5%): This Pacific Pale Ale is a showcase of Australia's Galaxy hop. Big notes of citrus, peach & passionfruit highlight high levels of hop fruitiness that are accompanied by a low to moderate hop bitterness.
  • 😻Deadly Frills West Coast Pilsner (6.3%): An enticing blend of Mosaic and Simcoe hops, resulting in a delightful fusion of tropical fruit and subtle pine flavours. With a medium-reasonable bitterness and a dry finish, this Pilsner delivers a refreshing and crisp drinking experience that leaves a lingering satisfaction on the palate.
  • 😻Lay of the Land Kawakawa Saison (6.0%): A delicious Saison that is a unique showcase of Kawakawa. Using dried leaves for a slightly softer approach, the pepper from this indigenous plant is complemented by traditional flavours of spice & clove from the Belgian yeast.
  • 😻Group Project Grapefruit Wheat Beer (5.5%): A soft and approachable wheat beer that pairs grapefruit zest with a balanced hop trio of indigenous hops. NZ Cascade, Motueka & Southern Cross combine for grapefruit driven citrus notes along with lime and lemon for a refreshing and crisp summer drop!
  • 😻Scale Breaker ESB (5.5%): A deep amber pour reveals enticing aromas of biscuity Ale malt, toasty Munich malt, and a subtle caramel sweetness from Crystal medium malt. Fuggles hops impart earthy and floral notes, beautifully complemented by the smoothness of London yeast and a touch of Golden syrup.
  • 😻Sasquatches & Sailboats WCIPA (7.0%): As big as a sasquatch and as bitter as one who's been left high & dry, this is a throwback to the old-school West Coast IPAs. A clean, hop-forward malt base allows the three US-C hops to shine!
Thanks for supporting local craft. We know you'll enjoy this month's stop on the NZ Brewery Tour™.
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  • For this subscription, you'll receive your first box immediately then a different box from a different brewery every second month.
  • Cost is $69.95 per box per delivery (every second month) plus $6.95 shipping (or +$14.95 rural).
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