*🍍Urbanaut NEW Kihi Refreshment!
*🍍Urbanaut NEW Kihi Refreshment!
*🍍Urbanaut NEW Kihi Refreshment!
*🍍Urbanaut NEW Kihi Refreshment!
*🍍Urbanaut NEW Kihi Refreshment!

*🍍Urbanaut NEW Kihi Refreshment!

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Innovation has been a driving force behind Urbanaut’s cult following. Our mates have embraced experimentation with flavours, pushing boundaries, and fostering creativity at every opportunity. And that’s why Beer Huggers love them!

Urbanaut have just launched their Kihi range, which translates in Te Reo to Kiss, offering ciders and non-beer beverages. If you are looking to reward your taste buds with something entirely new, you need to jump on this release. Coming from Urbanaut, you know these brews are going to be rad, and they are.

“After many afternoon smokos spent yarning in the sun, our beloved staff at Urbanaut aka the Fresh Beer Party Gang decided to brew a crisp apple cider for our Taproom. Needless to say, it was delicious, and Kihi Drinks was born!” Urbanaut.

With summer in full swing, you simply must give this new range a crack. Super refreshing and super delicious, you’ll get the following 12 x 330ml brews;

  • 🍍3 x Kihi Tropical Fizz Cider (5.0%): This juicy apple cider is a bright explosion of sun-kissed tropical flavours - a fresh-fruit cocktail of crushed pineapple with a twist of fresh lime and orange zest. This one hits like a sun shower in a heatwave - bright, sparkling and dripping cool refreshment. The perfect summer companion, all year round!
  • 🍓3 x Kihi Strawberry Sundae Cider (5.0%): Treat yourself! Take a sip of this sweet and sultry apple cider that marries strawberries to cream with notes of candy apple, caramel and just a dash of French vanilla to round out those luxurious flavours. Smooth and luscious with a juicy hit of fresh fruit - the perfect indulgence.
  • 🫐3 x Kihi Pink Cider (5.0%): This delish cider is loaded with crisp green apples and a splash of blueberry juice, lending a pinkish hue as radiant as a sun-kissed Summer’s Day. Fruity and easy drinking with a light dry finish, this cider is made to celebrate good times with great friends.
  • 🍋3 x Kihi Alcoholic Lemonade (5.0%): Stay cool - get juiced! The power of a million sunny days are beamed down into the lemons that make this batch-brewed alcoholic lemonade, pouring pale gold and bursting with fresh zest and effervescence to bring you supreme refreshment with every sip!

Thanks for supporting local craft. We know you'll enjoy this awesome release!

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    Customer Reviews

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    Ben Clark


    Carlos Michel
    Uber Urbanaut

    As always, Beer Hug come up with the goods!! Great pack at a great price. The selection from Urbanaut was fun with a few that I wouldn't necessarily have chosen as a single but glad I got them in the box. Love the tumblers and really looking forward to doing the brewery tour again! Excellent value, exceptional service!

    Urbanaut Father's Day Pack

    Great combination of hazy beers from Urbanaut - some great favourites that I will be re-visiting plus some interesting "fringe" flavours that were worth a try for something different. A couple of nice glasses to add to the shelf and overall a good value package that was easily drunk.

    Craig Robson
    Great beer and experience

    Arrived on time snd well packaged
    A great taste

    Delicious-I have a new favourite beer!

    This mix is sensational! A great mix of styles and flavours. I think the Mile End Hazy IPA is my new all time favourite beer. A brewery doing wonderful things.