*🐂McLeod's Superb Seasonals One-Off!
*🐂McLeod's Superb Seasonals One-Off!
*🐂McLeod's Superb Seasonals One-Off!
*🐂McLeod's Superb Seasonals One-Off!
*🐂McLeod's Superb Seasonals One-Off!
*🐂McLeod's Superb Seasonals One-Off!
*🐂McLeod's Superb Seasonals One-Off!
*🐂McLeod's Superb Seasonals One-Off!
*🐂McLeod's Superb Seasonals One-Off!

*🐂McLeod's Superb Seasonals One-Off!

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🏆One of the best things about craft beer is the return of small, local breweries. At McLeod's, 'small' and 'local' go hand-in-hand with quality and variety. This is evident in their impressive award-winning beers in tandem with their win as Champion Medium Brewery at the 2021 Brewers' Guild Awards.🏆

From their year-round range to their mixed fermentation and seasonal releases, McLeod’s makes great beer for every palate, every day. McLeod’s seasonal range is a chance for the brewery team to flex their creative muscles and have a play. These beers are legendary and that’s exactly why we’ve stacked this release with them!

Their fans are as diverse as their brews, so their beer is delicious and balanced whatever the style. Every single beer in this exclusive release is a banger. Here's to enjoying a McLeod’s beer in your little slice of paradise!

Contained in your McLeod’s Suberb Seasonals Release are the following 8 x 440ml plus 4 x 330mls;

8 x BIG SERVE 440mls

  • 🐂Seasonal Rustic Manor IPA (6.5%): Lighter version of a West Coast IPA and packed with two stand out hops: Citra and Amarillo. Citra hammers in the dank citrus while Amarillo fills in with ruby grapefruit notes. Balanced on soft bready malt and firm bitterness.
  • 🐂Seasonal Far Away IPA (6.0%): We've blended Australian Eclipse and US Idaho 7 hops here for big clementine and lemon peel aroma and flavour over a moreish soft biscuit malt base and balanced bitterness. Otherworldly, some might say. We just call it bloody good IPA.
  • 🐂Seasonal Good People Unfiltered IPA (6.5%): To make this extra special for our beer-loving friends, we jammed it with ridiculous amounts of Amarillo and Citra for explosive sun-ripened citrus and tropical fruit on the nose and palate underpinned by a lean malt base hinting of peach. Smooth bitterness leads to a rewarding finish.
  • 🐂Seasonal Blue Water Unfiltered PA (5.5%): This one is a straight-up ode to Mosaic, packed to the nth degree with that dank, lucious hop. With a whopping dry hop regime, it's a good mimic for an IPA. Watch for big mango and impressive green notes over a round, juicy malt bill, balanced bitterness and a lingering, fruity finish. 
  • 🐂Seasonal Sea Spray Pilsner (5.3%): Brewed like a proper pilsner but macrodosed (in whirlpool and dry-hopping) with Riwaka and Nelson Sauvin. This makes for a lean, crisp, lager base with big, green, dank oily notes backed with delicate passionfruit for a clean, dry smashable beer with enough bitterness to keep you coming back.
  • 🐂Far North Chili Pilsner (5.2%): A classic New Zealand-style Pilsner with a heroic dose of our fave Kiwi hot sauce, it's all capsicum, surf and summer out of the gate. Spicy and hoppy over a smooth cracker-like malt base, the finish is crisp and dry.
  • 🐂Great Migration IPA (6.8%): Our original IPA. Brimming with a tantalising blend of American and New Zealand hops, it explodes with aromatic orange peel, pine needles and plump, ripe stone fruit. Toffee and soft, bready malt notes give way to balanced, moreish bitterness making it a worthy brew after any great journey.
  • 🐂Cove Unfiltered Pale Ale (4.8%): Lovingly known here at the brewery as "802 Jr." Cove Unfiltered Pale Ale melds a revolving medley of hops for a perennially massive citrus blast & fruit salad notes from the get-go. The malt bill keeps it together for a soft mouthfeel over balanced bitterness. 

Plus 4 x 330ml RIPPERS 

  • 🐂2 x Longboarder Lager (5.0%): A German Pilsner at heart with a heavy dose of New Zealand hops. Brewed with our house lager yeast and cold-conditioned for six weeks before we release it, the aroma is clean and bright with citrus and melon hoppiness.
  • 🐂2 x Paradise Pale Ale (5.5%): Award-winning international-style Pale Ale, hoppy with a smooth malty sweetness and balanced bitterness. We use a blend of New Zealand and Australian hops to create a tropical fruit bowl of flavour and aromas. Expect a taste of Paradise in every can.

Thanks for supporting local craft. We know you'll enjoy this awesome release!

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Big Hugs

🍻Team Beer Hug


  • Cost is $74.95 plus $6.95 shipping (or +$14.95 rural).
  • This is a one-off release, not a subscription product.
  • Beers will be shipping daily while stocks last. Track and trace emails will be sent upon dispatch. Our couriers provide contactless delivery for your safety.
  • The beers in the box may alter slightly depending on availability. If we need to make a change to the box, we’ll make sure any substitutes are equally awesome!

Customer Reviews

Based on 90 reviews
Ed Rafferty
Good beer and good service

My order was well managed and the beer was excellent!

Paul Sable

*🚐McLeod's Superb Seasonals!

Peter Blasdale
McLeods/Beer Hug

McLeods, Aotearoas best brewery delivers again. Thanks Beer Hug for the mixed boxes.

McLeods Superb Seasonals

This is the reason why McLeods is my fave NZ brewer. Consistently hitting the mark with every beer in the box. Plus BeerHugs great service. Another please!

Calvin Dewing

*🚐McLeod's Superb Seasonals!