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A 10th Birthday Celebration! 

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*NZ Brewery Tour™ Monthly Subscription
*NZ Brewery Tour™ Monthly Subscription

*NZ Brewery Tour™ Monthly Subscription


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Happy New Year to all you craft loving Beer Huggers!!

Over the break Dan and I have been mapping out an entirely new Brewery Tour™ for 2022 and every stop is an absolute CRACKER. To kick our first stop of 2022 off with a BANG there was only one logical choice….

Stuck at home when you’d rather be at the bach? No worries, we’ll bring the bach to you!

Our mates at Bach Brewing have been voted by Beer Huggers as one of your favourite breweries and that’s exactly why we have them as our first stop of 2022. If you are crazy for Hazy’s, IPAs, APAs and Pale Ales you are in luck this stop is full of incredible beers and at incredible price.  

Not only are these guys Champion NZ Brewers, but this box features 10 x 440mls, 2 x 330mls, heaps of new brews and award-winners. Sign-up to the NZ Brewery Tour™ today and you’ll get this box of beers for only $58 including North Island delivery (South Island +$2.95 / rural +$4.95). Pause, cancel or skip at any point too, no wuzzas!

Included in your Bach Brewing Big Box are the following 12 brews;

10 x Big Serve 440ml Beauties

  • 🏄Wandering IPL India Pale Lager (6.0%)
  • 🏄Berried Alive Raspberry Pale Ale (5.6%)
  • 🏄Planet Nectaron NZ Hazy IPA (6.4%)
  • 🏄Dawn of the Beard Unfiltered Pale Ale (5.5%)
  • 🏄Supajuice Hazy IPA (6.2%)
  • 🏄Kingtide West Coast style IPA (6.9%)
  • 🏄Duskrider Red IPA (6.0%)
  • 🏄Brutuz Brut IPA (6.7%)
  • 🏄Primal Dream Unfiltered WC IPA (6.0%)
  • 🏄Peach Pucker Sour Beer (5.2%)

2 x 330ml Rippers

  • 🏄Juicy AF Hazy Pale Ale (5.2%)
  • 🏄Billfish APA (5.8%)

If you don't want to subscribe to regular monthly deliveries, you can CLICK HERE and get this as a one-off box for $69.95.

Support our local brewing legends and hop onboard the NZ Brewery Tour™ today!

Big Hugs,

🍻Adam & Dan

  • Subscribe to the NZ Brewery Tour™ and get $10 off your first delivery. Simply enter SUB10 at checkout.
  • Cost is normally $68 per box per month including North Island Delivery (South Island +$2.95 / Rural +$4.95).
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