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A 10th Birthday Celebration! 

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*NZ Brewery Tour™ Monthly Subscription
*NZ Brewery Tour™ Monthly Subscription

*NZ Brewery Tour™ Monthly Subscription


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Houston, we have a problem, our box isn’t big enough to hold all these goodies. Panic diverted; we’ve found a bigger box!

We are beyond stoked to present you with this ‘Out Of This World’ box of beers (and goodies) from one of NZ’s most innovative and awarded craft breweries, URBANAUT. This is without a doubt the most interesting and generous boxes of beers we’ve ever released!

Our beer-st mates at Urbanaut have totally embraced the idea of a Brewery Tour™ in every box. Not only will you get 13 incredible brews (15 different beers if you count the Blenders are two beers), but you’ll also get an awesome Urbanaut branded beer glass.....but wait...

If that wasn’t awesome enough, they have also thrown in a $50 Brewery Tour voucher* for two into EVERY BOX. This will take you and a mate on a 45-minute guided tour to get a better knowledge of how beer is made and what makes an Urbanaut craft beer taste so delicious. You’ll be talked through beer styles, sampling as you go.....wahooo!  

Not only does this box represent exceptional value for money (do the math for yourself!), it also has an exceptional range of beer styles…….including heaps of award-winners, new brews, hazies, IPAs, sours, a couple of little pocket rockets and a super yummy JAM DONUT HAZY!   

In your Urbanaut ‘Out Of This World’ box, you’ll get the following 13 beers (15 if count the Blenders as two beers!) plus some extra Beer Hug goodies;

5 x BIG SERVE 440mls

  • 🛸 Harajuku West Coast IPA (6.0%)
  • 🛸 Ahipara West Coast IPA (6.2%)
  • 🛸 Verona Hazy IPA (5.9%)
  • 🛸 Jam Donut Hazy IPA (5.6%)
  • 🛸 Peacharine Hazy IPA (5.8%)

 4 x 330ml RIPPERS

  • 🌏 Kingsland Pilsner (4.5%)
  • 🌏 Brixton Pale Ale (4.4%)
  • 🌏 NEW Detroit IPA (5.8%)  
  • 🌏 Newtown Hazy Pale Ale (4.8%)

  2 x 250ml POCKET ROCKETS

  • 👩‍🚀Lotus Triple Hazy IPA (13.5%)
  • 👩‍🚀Imperial Biere De Garde 8.5%


  • 🚀 1 x Cherry Super Sour (5.5%) + 1 x Dark Chocolate Stout (5.5%)
  • 🚀 1 x Watermelon Lime and Mint Sour (5.5%) + Strawberry Pavlova Sour (5.5%)


  • 🪐 1 x Urbanaut Party Forever beer glass
  • 🪐 1 x $50 Brewery Tour Voucher for 2 (*Valid for any Sunday Sessions until 27th November 2022)  

This box will sell out super quick, so lock in a box now to avoid disappointment!

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    Support our local brewing legends and hop onboard the NZ Brewery Tour™ today!

    Big Hugs,

    🍻Adam & Dan

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