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Yo yo beer lovers. We're Beer Hug. Cheers for stopping by.

Beer Hug was started by three beer-loving dudes, Rowan, Adam & Dan. 

All of us love beer so much, we've actually made a career in the industry, with loads of years of experience between us. Mainly in marketing, along with a dabble in poorly executed home brews.

That shared love for beer (and complete inability to make our own good ones) created an appreciation for what good beer is. And the more we found out about beer, the more we learned that fresh is best. 

Then we realised that you can't really get fresh beer in NZ. Well, that's not true... of course, you can buy fresh craft beer, but mainly direct from the brewery itself. Definitely not from the places you normally buy beer from - if you could've brought fresh beer from them, they would have marketed that to you. But that can't, so they haven't.

So we had some beers and had an idea: why don't we help craft brewers get their beer into the hands of more beer lovers, faster? 

The idea made sense to us, so then we went and talked to said brewers and they reckoned we were on to something. And here we are now. 

Our mission is to close the gap between beer lovers and great beer brewers. We want to make the best (AKA freshest) beers in NZ available to people who appreciate beer. 

We've got some great partners so far (special shout out to Urbanaut for getting 100% behind the idea and helping us with the prototype) and have many, many more lined up to join us. 

So, enjoy beer lovers!


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